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Little Witches of Apple Creek

The harvest festival is upon the town of Apple Creek! Pumpkins, apples, and spooky decorations line every street as the town prepares for its decorating contest.


Alex, Emma, and Piper are determined to win the grand prize of a year's supply of pies from Mrs. Sugarboo’s Bakery. They find the most unique (and magical!) pumpkins from garden gnome Potsy’s Peculiar Pumpkin farm. But while trying to convince Potsy to allow them to borrow some of her pumpkins for the contest, the baby pumpkins sneak off and roll into town!


The girls must now track down the pumpkins before the magic is exposed to the town! Will they be able to find every peculiar pumpkin and still win the contest?


Willow the Little Witch

Willow the little witch lives in the forest with her kitty Boo. She can brew potions that sizzle, she can recite any book, and she can cast spells to near perfection. But there is one thing she cannot do and that's fly a broom.


Halloween is upon the land and Willow is determined to give treats to the forgotten spirits that live in the deep forest. But when a storm arrives, she realizes that a little magic and hope may be necessary. With the help of her best friend Boo, Willow learns that sometimes we all need a little help in believing in ourselves.

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